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If you start to take Vienna – take Vienna.
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I don’t know what love is
but I’ve got a degree
and I could work it all out with you !

I remember a cool afternoon on an Ithaca Sunday
when I was soaking up sun rays through a break in the clouds.
And watching the kids run home from school,
well I just smiled as they laughed and played
because I remembered those happy days
and I could see so many more ahead of me.

And I know that you think I’m foolish and maybe I was that day.
I suppose that the blue skies will turn to grey when it rains from those clouds.
But though it may snow I’ll still know it’s true that
we’ve got a whole world to change!
Oh don’t you remember what they used to say?
That “we could be anything we wanted to be”…

Oh I spent my days walking across

waterfalls and through those
ivy-covered halls, taking for
granted it all, the life I’d
leave come the fall, and I don’t know

when I’ll return to my old new home
where I learned why the sunshine shone
but I will see you again o’er those gorges we’d known…

Yeah I know that I will see you again.

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  • Me: Have I ever felt this despondent before?
  • Self: Only very time you were about to take a prelim
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Mayfest 2012!
Cornell International Chamber Music Festival

Program I
Sunday, May 20

Program II
Monday, May 21

Program III
Tuesday, May 22

Program IV
Wednesday, May 23

Played 169 times



Fuck yes classes are over!

Yes, Ariel?
I just got my first bio prelim back, and I got a C. What do I do?
Ariel, listen to me. High school? It’s in the past! Life at Cornell is better than anything they had over there…

You got all straight A’s in high school
Cause you went to every class
You were what we call a brown nose
You learned how to kiss the ass
But since you arrived at Cornell
All you do is go out and play
And while you were getting funky
You did sucky! You didn’t get an A

ba ya

You got a C (you got a C)
You got a C (you got a C)
You thought you’d done better
Then you saw the letter
You got a C
All of the nerds they work all day
Locked in their rooms they slave away
While you were snoozin’, flirtin’ and boozin’
You got a C!

You could have been working harder
But there’s so much else to do
Like when you got smashed at Chi Phi
And you did some keg stands too
Going streaking until the sunrise
You passed out at 5AM
And when you woke up you realized…


You got a C
You got a C
I’m willing to wager
That you’ll change your major
Take it from me (4 times)
You came with ambition, brains and style
But now you’ve been smokin’ for awhile
You’ve forgotten your name now
So transfer to AEM now!
You got a C

You got a C
Your grades may be rocky
Just learn to play hockey
And A’s will be free!
So your dad’s a rocket scientist
Oh man is he gonna be pissed
You make him unhappy
‘Cause you did crappy
You got a C!

Harvard and Brown
They both turned you down
Their grades are so great because they inflate
They may have us spanked in all of the ranks
But we kicked their ass in best motto


Cornell is not easy
It makes you feel queasy
To earn the good grade instead of get laid
But if you don’t do it
And just say “Oh, screw it”
Then your GPA will blooowwww

doo da doo ba ba badeeda
key change

Yeah, you got a C
You got a C
Don’t be forlorn but you can’t look at porn
You have to study
So premed’s harder than you thought
Become a hotelie then you’ve got
Your ticket to riches
Fame, fortune, and bitches
You got a C

Start learning and thinking instead of just drinking
You got a C
Start caring a damn about your next exam
Or start working at frickin’ Kentucky fried chicken
Yeah we excel here
‘Cause we’re Cornell here!
You got a C


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