Sam Alden comics in motion


that comic was dope af so I made a shitty gif of a part of it


Hollow, part 1Sam Alden


Sam Alden comics in motion



that comic was dope af so I made a shitty gif of a part of it


Hollow, part 1
Sam Alden

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oooh but what if when you sent food by mail you could save a copy to your sent folder.

But who amongst me can do this. Who amongst me can I call on.

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Siento las gotas que mojan mi piel
Mi fiel compañero, el recuerdo de ayer
Me llora el cielo

Como te extraño mitad de mi ser
Y hacer el amor hasta el amanecer
Me llora el cielo

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leafreo said: Maybe Unit-01 in palette 12?

this palette was cool, thanks for the request!

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Nowhere to Go by Lisa Hannigan (from Passenger)

Bird, you’ve so many hearts on your sleeve.
One for each feather,
though you never see,
blue eyes blink bright lights
through leaves on the trees
from seeds that did grow where you sowed.
You’ll never have nowhere to go.
Look at this silver and gold,
shook through a tangle of thorns.
Bird, we’ve so many days spent beside
this sulk of a river,
now we’re deep down dyed
into the marrow, out with the tide,
with all that you have and I hold.
You’ll never have nowhere to go.
Your heart, it holds more than your hands,
not bought or sold, more than mountains

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some more outside drawings! I went to LA for a while

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They’re Chinese! I thought in surprise.


Can’t stop listening…..

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rule 1: always post the rules 

rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, and write 10 new ones 

rule 3: tag 10 people and link them to the post 

rule 4: actually tell them you tagged them

QUESTIONS FROM chrysogenum:

1. Do you think fun is necessary in life?

Yeah. Yeah, I think you need at least a little, even though the word is so vague - for instance I would not say anything I would give as an answer to, “So what do you do for fun?” is necessary, or that it is necessary to have an answer to that question at all.

2. What cities have you lived in?

Chicago (don’t remember living here), EB, Piscataway, Ithaca, Stamford

3. Do you think education should involve teaching knowledge or teaching skills?

Yes, I think you learn stuff better by teaching it, and since teaching is a responsibility, students should learn methods to teach well. Also it would increase appreciation for teachers.

4. Dream pokemon team.

Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Pikachu, Mew and Davis Motomiya! Charmander is the leader and the team (or veritably the UNIVERSE) is enhanced by keeping Davis in a pokeball like all the time.

5. Gel pen, fountain pen, ballpoint pen, roller ball pen, or pencil?

Umm! Pencil. Probably cause I never owned a pen that didn’t dry up early or get ink on my fingers on a regular basis.

6. What is an obscure subject that you know a lot about that isn’t related to your major or job? 

I dunno, it’s hard to to think of anything I know a lot about because I don’t think I particularly knew a lot about my actual major or job and what else have I spent time on nearly as much as on those things? And it to be something obscure… I guess I know more than the average person about American alt comics or small press publishing now, though.

7. Can you name all the members of One Direction?

Listen, I recently was surprised by the fact that Chuck Norris is a real person.

8. Is it more noble to be willing to die or to be willing to continue living?

Noble? I think by living on a person accumulates ignoble moments. To be willing to do that rather than not… I don’t know.

9. Feelings on bell peppers. 

They work out sometimes! Like tossed with onions and sausage, herbs, bit of lemon juice.

10. How many of the above questions do you think are adapted from SAT prompts?

Most of them and I kinda wish you’d have modeled them on college essay questions instead haha. Though 9 sounds like UChicago’s 2008 “How do you feel about Wednesday”, so.


1. What did you / do you look forward to in being an adult?

2. What have your experiences living with other people been like?

3. In general, do you like tumblr?

4. Do you have a 5-year plan?

5. What food items are shoved in the back of your fridge currently?

6. Have you ever been in love?

7. Do you want to be in love?

8. What do you do when you encounter pain?

9. How does parenthood change when a parent’s children become adults?

10. Do you think you could leave everyone you’ve ever known and everything that’s familiar to you, to live in a new place with a different language, culture, and people who don’t look like you or the people you are used to seeing?

Only do this if you want to…

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