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I kind of want this on a shirt.

I also got passive-aggressively angry at all my friends who didn’t look up Stammmford on a map, either thinking it was “way up in Connecticut somewhere” or never remembering that I don’t actually live in NYC.

i tried to make it about me

and I put a happy face on it

Wait… the fact that a person has to deal with the consequences of what they say… is not a good reason to tell stories about another person!

The other person is not obligated to bargain with the messenger’s level of comfort in exchange for a better story.

"You better give me something that will appease us all - they who receive the story, and me who has to deal with the fallout.”

Hell no!

I’m not getting anything out of this exchange!

I made my decision when I stopped communicating with these people!

The fact that you, the self-employed messenger, are passing along information… apparently to lessen the effect of the fallout… is your decision!

I agree that you are a victim. Anger is being taken out on you because I am not there.

I mistook my concern for your suffering as guilt for being the cause of your suffering. Actually, it is not my fault. Actually, how dare you use me - the me who appears in the story you spin in my absence - to alleviate your discomfort.


In progress.


In progress.

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Of course it’s in two languages I don’t know. Of course.

by the way I need someone to translate that video for me. I’ve known the song and lyrics for awhile but what is going on?? who are all those people and what are they saying toward the end? ahhh


,Angela Aki 手紙~拝啓十五の君へ

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amazing music video

cool dance choreography

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I surrender honestly

you’ve always DONE the SAME for ME

so I would do it